Meet the Bath team

Melanie Channon

I’m a demographer and social statistician working mainly in low and middle income countries. I was recently PI on a project that looked at issues of menstrual taboos and menstrual policy in Nepal. As part of this project we looked at the association between menstrual taboos and mental health and psychosocial wellbeing.  I’m particularly interested in issues relating to measurement and conceptualisation of menstruation (especially given that menstrual health is excluded from the SDGs). I’m also interested in the impact menstruation has on everyday life and how this might directly impact mental health.

I’m currently involved in a project looking at menstrual health (and broader SRHR) of migrants returning from the USA to Latin American countries.

I’ve worked on demographic and public health issues affecting Nepal since 2007, including sex-selective abortion, fertility, and son preference.

  • Twitter @frostyallyea

Dr Jennifer Thomson 

My core research and teaching interests are in gender and politics, broadly defined. My current work focuses on:

Dr Fran Amery 

My research addresses the intersection of social movement activity and policy and legislative processes, particularly around gender and LGBTQIA equality. A key focus has been reproductive justice and abortion in the United Kingdom. My recent book, Beyond Pro-Life and Pro-Choice (Bristol University Press, 2020) traces the history of abortion politics from the passage of the 1967 Abortion Act, to contemporary debates around decriminalisation, disability rights and sex-selective abortion. 


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